Friday, November 24, 2017

Narrow Shoes in History!

A President, a First Lady and a Princess all wore shoes in narrow widths!


Narrow Shoes Fit for a President

William Dudley, an immigrant shoemaker, established his footwear business in the basement of his Newark, New Jersey home in 1850, it was later to be called Johnston & Murphy. That year he offered to craft a pair of shoes for President Millard Fillmore. The President graciously accepted, and a tradition was born.  It was the  start of a tradition that has lasted for more than 150 years.

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The tradition continues even today.  In fact, President Obama received two pair from Johnston and Murphy!  Read on to find which former President’s boots one pair was modeled after….

More Presidential Footwear facts from Johnston & Murphy:

  • *Herbert Hoover requested his shoes in a size 11.5AA, the narrowest Johnston & Murphy has ever created for a president.


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Oh, The (Narrow Shoe) Games People Play

What do narrow shoes and board games have in common?  They’re  an odd pairing and an even more unusual subject to write about, when our focus is so, eh hem, “narrow.”  However,  when our narrow shoe sleuths  found “shoe” board games to play, we couldn’t resist telling you about them!

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