Friday, November 24, 2017

Rollasole – THE ANSWER When You Can’t Take One More Step in Your Heels!

Silver Rollasole

Pictured here in Silver, Rollasole is also available in shiny Black, Gold and metallic Pink too!

Ladies, we’ve all been there, whether you’re narrow-footed , medium- footed or wide-footed — you know what it’s like to dance the night away at a club,  a wedding,  or another festive occasion, or to have walked all over the city in your most uncomfortable Stilettos all day or…well the list could go on and on…. How many times have you thought about taking off  your painful shoes in the middle of a crowded sidewalk?  Maybe you’ve actually done it– risking frost bite, third degree burns, cuts and bruises and people stepping on your toes, all to avoid yet another second of  the searing pain you’re experiencing from your high heels?

It’s safe to say that most of us have wished with each painful step that we could magically conger up a comfortable pair of flats to wear  instead.  Well girls, our wishes have been heard and granted!

Introducing Rollasole–an amazing rollable ballet flat  that has finally made a huge “splash” here in the U.S.,  after it’s launch “across the pond”  in Bristol, England.   Creator Matt Horan was feeling our pain and more than likely his own when he had a eureka moment after typical Saturday nights  out clubbing with his girlfriend ended with him giving her piggyback rides home because she couldn’t walk another step, either!

“She loved her towering stilettos, but by the end of the night her feet would be suffering,” explains Horan. “So I decided to come up with a solution for both of us and that’s how Rollasole was born.”

“Rollasoles are the shimmery solution to jaded stiletto-sore feet. The unique patented roll up design fits snugly in any clutch and comes with a reusable pouch to carry your heels. Available in four colors: black, gold, silver, and metallic pink, Rollasole is the essential handbag accessory.”

Our site owner agrees! Long before Rollasole made its way over here,  she found them on-line while doing “narrow shoe” research. While Rollasole isn’t a narrow shoe product, per se, she had a strong feeling,  based on the design and shape of them that there was a very good chance they’d fit her skinny feet.   “While I’ve been out of the loop when it comes to clubbing for a while now, which is the main focus of Rollasole’s marketing efforts in the UK,  I thought immediately of other ways in which Rollasoles would also be very useful to me and my friends.  I knew they’d be great to slip on after attending a wedding and the memories of  commuting days past came rushing back to me when I carried around the extra weight of shoes in my already too heavy briefcase to and from work each day.  They would have been great for quick walks to and from the subway, back then!  Even now when I drive to a meeting, certain heels are very uncomfortable to wear while sitting behind the wheel of a car.  Rollasole fits my narrow feet well and has been a lifesaver for me.”

“They couldn’t be more convenient either,”  she adds.  “…they literally can be rolled up into a small thin roll.  A convenient foldable bag that is large enough to fit my painful pair of shoes in, folds up nicely and  fastens around the little roll.  I take it out of my purse, unroll the bag, unroll the Rollasoles, slip off my uncomfortable shoes and then place my them the bag.  Rollasole is  available in sizes 5-6 (S), 7-8 (M) and 9-10 (L).

We’re big Rollasole fans here at The Narrow  Many of our friends — be they narrow-footed, medium footed or wide-footed, can’t wait to have them for their upcoming social events, including Prom!  Click right here on the  Rollasole name to learn more and to purchase yours!

Gold Rollasole Next to ClutchPhotos Courtesy of Rollasole

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