Where Have Your Narrow Shoes Taken You?

We’d like to know:  Where have your narrow shoes taken you ???  Tell us a story about your shoes and where they’ve taken you!  Have your narrow shoes taken you on a meaningful journey in a faraway land?  A fabulous vacation?  Memories of a special time in your life? A fun-filled date?  Do tell!

Just comment in our comments section down below or send it to us by completing our Contact Us page.  Tell us what your experience was and the style, brand and color of the shoes that took you there and you may see your story here on our pages.  By the way, we do not share any personal information and won’t share your name, initials or location unless you tell us we can!

*As a “footnote” please note that all comments are moderated before they appear and spam will be immediately deleted!

Antia - Abella (Gold Nappa Milano) - Footwear Our site owner remembers the narrow gold ballerina flats she brought on her honeymoon (They looked very much like the gold narrow ballerina flats pictured here, but hers didn’t have the pretty floral accent at the toe).  She and her husband went to Bermuda for 8 glorious days!  “When I’m feeling stressed I close my eyes and think back to walking to the beach in those dainty flats and suddenly I see the beautiful pink sand at my feet and the gorgeous turquoise blue water in front of me and I’m calm once again!”, she says.

2 thoughts on “Where Have Your Narrow Shoes Taken You?

  1. I would be grateful if I could find any narrow or slim comfortable shoes, for everyday. I have always had slim feet and since I could not find narrows or slim, I bought medium and padded them and still could not wear them most of the time and what it did was damage my toes. I like the flats like ballerina with the elastic in narrow but I can find them and when I do they are $200 or more and tell me in this economy or even before it what family can afford $200 dollar shoes. Since my feet are so narrow I have trouble even with the flats keeping them on my feet, so I look for flats with a strap and soft shoes.
    I have been begging shoes manufacturer’s for years to make more narrow shoes for narrow shoes, there are a lot of women with narrow feet.

  2. Marty, thanks for your comment. If we can help you find shoes in your narrow width, please let us know. We’d be happy to try and help. We truly understand how difficult it is to find nice shoes at reasonable prices that will fit well. Again, thanks for your thoughts!

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