Saturday, December 16, 2017

From The Narrow Mail Box: Please help me find….

Are you having difficulty finding something particular in your narrow shoe width?    Question or concern?  Please let us know!  We’d like to help! Abbie writes:

Why, when I pull up a shoe that interests me (particularly Cole Haan) is it not available in NARROW?!

Abbie, thanks for letting us know!!!!!

It has come to our attention that new filters that were put in place are not catching subtle differences in shoe names.  Cole Haan, for instance,  has a shoe called Air Talia Pump, which isn’t available in narrow (we’ll be taking it down) but the Air Talia Mid Pumpis available in narrow.  The filter didn’t recognize the difference in names and the incorrect shoe was added.  We are very sorry for the confusion and will be working as quickly as possible to rectify it. We hope that you and our other patrons will be patient with us as we go through each brand to make sure we’re only including narrows on our site!   Again, thanks for writing to let us know!

Where are the 3A width shoes?

Barbara writes:

[H}ow about helping those of us with [3A] triple A & [4A} quadruple A widths?  My daughter needs 3A; I need 4A…. some of the better dress shoes jump from AA to AAAA — fine for me but not for my daughter.  I’ve spent 2 hours shopping for black low-heel pumps for her in 8.5 AAA;   [S]he needs stability,  so she can’t wear open heel,  ballet style,  no support, etc.  She’s in her 30s so doesn’t want to look like an older woman, but she needs support across the middle & needs a low heel.  Very frustrating!  I’ve lived with this problem for more than 60 years;  I just didn’t want to wish it onto my daughter & (probably) my little granddaughter! (My mother even wore a quintuplet!) Oh Barbara, how we can relate! It is frustrating that 3A width (AAA) are so hard to find and yes, it does boggle the mind as to why the manufacturers would jump from 2A (AA) width to 4A (AAAA) width! Here are a few suggestions for your daughter that we hope she’ll like and we hope they are youthful enough for her.  We know how frustrating it is to find stylish and youthful looking slim shoes–especially with lower heels! Trotters - Jamie (Black Microfiber) - FootwearThis cross-strap pump is available in black in a soft kidskin leather or microfiber.  We chose the Jamie because of the cross-strap which will keep your daughter’s  foot in the shoe and should help with the support she needs. The padded footbed should add comfort.  It has a flexible sole which should make for easier walking, too.  Undoubtedly you’ve both found, as we have, that some of the harder soles can be particularly uncomfortable to walk in and stand on even for short periods of time.  Best all the heel is a very manageable 1 1/ 2 inches! Munro American - Somerset (Black Stretch Fabric) - Footwear Lastly, we thought of the Munro American Somerset. This one is a tricky pick for you because Munro American jumps from 2A – 4A,  no 3A.  However, it’s been our experience that Munro American shoes 2A width run so narrow that they can fit a 3A width well.   In fact, many 2A width customers take out the insert that Munro provides because it makes the shoe that much more snug! We also chose it because it’s very attractive on the foot.  The image above, unfortunately doesn’t do it justice.   It’s pretty, the heel has a great shape  and it’s comfortable! It would work well for dresses, skirts of all lengths, slacks and even a trouser style jean!

6 AA High Heels That Can Be Shipped to the UK

Manon from the UK wrote to us recently to ask for our help in  finding  high heeled shoes in her difficult to find narrow size 6AA.   She is looking for “any high heeled shoes (2  1/2″ or higher), sandals and wedges, anything fashionable and comfortable.” As hard as it is to find narrow shoes and especially small narrow shoes in small sizes for women here in the States, it’s even more difficult to find small narrow shoes for women in the United Kingdom.  The other challenge is to find merchants who are willing to send shoes over seas. and Nordstrom are two of them.  Here are the shoes we selected for Manon that we hope will be just what she’s looking for. From we suggested shoes from Bruno Magli, Drew and Ros Hommerson We’re looking forward to finding out which shoes will work best for her!  Happy Shopping Manon!


2 Responses to “From The Narrow Mail Box: Please help me find….”
  1. Karen Chapin says:

    Why do the not make pretty stylish casual sandals for women that look young and modern??? They all look like old lady shoes or dress shoes with heels. Why don’t they make everyday sandals I can wear to work in warm weather. Also they are too expensive most of the time.

  2. The Narrow Shoe says:

    Karen, we couldn’t agree more! Attractive sandals and shoes are hard to find in our narrow width. However, we’re good sleuths, so if you’d like some help finding sandals in your narrow size and price preference, please fill out the “Contact Us” section with as much detail as possible regarding what you’re looking for and we’ll see if we can help you find it!