Narrow Feet Love Mary Janes!


Nina Kids - Bonnett (Toddler/Youth) (Black Patent) - Footwear

When a girl’s got a narrow foot,

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Naturalizer - Irma (Black Croco/Leather) - Footwear

xxxThe Mary Jane has grown-up, however, and for the last two seasons has been looking quite sophisticated and stylish!  Women’s Mary Janes  have pointed toes, platforms and flat, low,  medium, high and even sky-high heels varying from skinny stilettos to chunkier stacked heels.   Yet,  just like the Mary Janes you may have worn as a child, the grown up version has one or two straps across the middle of the top part of the foot.  [Click here to find this single strap pair of Mary Janes along with other narrow Mary Janes here at andhere to find this double strapped narrow women’s Mary Jane and more at xxx

Now for a little shoe history!

Ever wondered how Mary Janes got their name?  Well, back in 1904 an executive from the Brown Shoe Company met the creator of a much loved comic strip called Buster Brown He purchased the rights to the name from him.  Though many people mistakenly think the company was named after the character, that’s just a coincidence, as the brand was created 25 years after that fateful meeting.   While in the comic strip Buster is wearing the iconic shoe, the name was based on Buster’s sister, Mary Jane who can also be seen wearing it, as well.

The company made marketing history when they hired a series of actors, dressed them up as the comic book characters and took them on the road, selling the Buster Brown brand as they performed in theaters, department stores and shoe stores.  How’s that for a “walk down memory lane?”

Image Credit for Buster Brown Advertisement: The Ephemerist

Image Credit for Comic Panel and photo of actor: NPR