Friday, November 24, 2017

Cute Pink Vintage Narrow Shoes & Pretty Dresses


Have you discovered ModCloth yet?  Modcloth is an online store that carries a  mix of retro, indie,  vintage-inspired clothing and accessories and actual vintage clothing and shoes (many of which are narrow and slim!)   The vintage “deadstock” shoes have never been worn shoes that probably were tried on but never purchased.



Vintage Reserve Clara Heel                                      Vintage Reserve Greta Heel





Buying deadstock shoes can be lots of fun, but one has to “tread” carefully before purchasing them. Here are some tips for buying vintage shoes:

  1. Make certain you are getting authentic deadstock (also called New Old Stock) merchandise and not reproductions.
  2. Footwear of yester-year was made with combination lasts.  So you will often see two widths listed i.e., AA/AAAA which means that at the ball of the foot the width is a 2A with a 4A heel.
  3. Sizing of NOS shoes is different than it is today — so if you are a women’s size 7 1/2 in today’s sizes, you may find that you are either a 7 or an 8 in NOS shoes.  The shoes of yesterday are also narrower than they are today.
  4.  Measure your feet.  The best way to know your size is to measure your own foot length and take the measurement at the widest part of your foot (just below your big toe to the end of your foot just under your pinky toe.   The best way to do this is to stand on a piece of paper and trace each of your feet.  You’ll want to measure both, because our feet are usually different sizes.  Lastly, you should wear the pantyhose or socks you plan to wear with the shoes  when you measure.  Once you have these measurements you’ll want to look at a shoe size and width chart to find your exact size and width. *  An additional way to measure is to take the same measurements from a pair of shoes that you know fit you well.  You will want to take into account extra space if your shoe comes to a point.
  5. Vintage shoes are great but the downside is that many are not returnable or returnable for credit only and some retailers will not reimburse shipping as one might, if the shoe were a newer shoe of today.  Therefore, do your research and consider your purchase carefully before you make it, so you’re not stuck with an expensive pair of shoes you cannot use.

*To receive a size and width chart from click on  Contact Us  or send  an email to and in the subject line ask for the size chart.

Here are two of our favorite pairs of cute pink vintage narrow shoes and pretty dresses that we’d pair with them:



Flower Glass Dress            Vintage Reserve Clara Heel

This adorable dress would look terrific with these “deadstock” or “new old stock” vintage narrow shoes.

Steffy's Pros and Cons DressVintage Reserve Greta Heel

We think this lovely vintage-inspired dress would look fabulous with these vintage “deadstock” new old stock slingbacks.

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