Saturday, December 16, 2017

The Narrow Shoe Review – Nearly Narrow Isaac Mizrahi Pump-The Narrow Shoe


Why post about a nearly narrow Isaac Mizrahi Pump, when we’re called  When we find a shoe that fits our narrow feet, we here at can’t wait to share the news.  That’s why we had to post this review of this “could-be narrow” — what we call “nearly narrow” pointy-toe kitten heel Isaac Mizrahi Pump.  My daughter and I couldn’t wait to try them on and unbelievably they fit our narrow AA feet and they were comfortable, too!


Yesterday, my daughter and I went to the mall in search of something for her to wear to a special family occasion that will be coming up in May.  I always like to park in the same general vicinity so it’s easy to remember where I’ve left my car, which just happens to be right in front of Nordstrom.  On either level, as you walk in, the shoe department is pretty much right there to greet you — no accident, I’m sure.  Anyway, after successfully finding not one but two dress choices for her to wear, on the way back to the car we decided to take a quick peek in the shoe department, knowing all too well that our chances of finding a pointy-toe kitten heel pump in narrow, were slim to none (yes, pun intended); but we decided to give it a try, anyway.

We picked out various shoes that we liked hoping that if they weren’t available in the store in narrow, they might at least be available online in narrow and we could order them, right then and there.  As we searched around, we came across Janis in Linen and Black and we both swooned.   I quickly checked on line to see if it was available in narrow and of course,


Nearly Narrow Shoe Review - Isaac Mizrahi New York Janis

Nearly Narrow Shoe Review – Isaac Mizrahi New York Janis



it wasn’t.  That would be too easy, right?  As I looked at the shoe, though, it looked narrow enough that I thought maybe, just maybe, it might fit my long narrow feet (and quite possibly my daughter, too, who has small narrow feet — lucky her)!   We bravely walked up to the salesperson and asked for our shoe sizes and I then I asked the second of my two most dreaded shoe shopping questions:  “Does it run narrow?,” [the first being, Do you carry this shoe in narrow?] to which he replied, “Yes, and it runs long, too, so I’ll bring out it out in your size and one size smaller so you can compare.”  At that point we dared to hope this adorable pointy toe-kitten heel might actually fit one or both of us.  As luck would have it, it fit us both and true enough, one size down from our actual shoe size.    My daughter decided to take the Black/Linen polkadot pair below.  I couldn’t decide between the two, so I took both!  The salesperson said they’d just put out the shoe for the first time on Saturday and by yesterday (Monday) they were almost sold out!



Nearly Narrow Shoe Review – Isaac Mizrahi New York Janis



If you are interested in purchasing them and they are selling out so quickly at Nordstrom, if you can’t find them in your size at Nordstrom,  you might find them in Linen/Black and  Black/White Polka Dot at or at (Linen/Black only).  Good luck!  Order quickly before they’re gone in your size.

We hope they fit you as well as they fit us and that you enjoy them for a long time to come.  As a post script, it might be wise to spray them with a product like Scotchguard to keep them free of stains!

*Please note that we will not be placing this pump in out Store because it isn’t a true narrow and we don’t want to mislead our customers.  However, I was so excited to find that these shoes fit and were comfortable that I just had to share!

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