Update:The Look in Narrow Face-Off! Wide vs. Narrow Silver Pumps

Update as of 2/25/14 The Rylee is no longer available in narrow. We suggest the J. Renee Corbett as an alternative.  The heel on the Corbett is not as high as the Rylee, but we like it just the same.   We’ll continue to look for narrow silver pumps with higher heels as the new Spring shoes continue to come in.

The Look in Narrow face-off wide vs. narrow silver pumps!  I’ve been coveting narrow silver pumps for weeks since I found these Charles David Sway Silver pumps, our wide contender.   So, as always the search was on to find a pair that looked as similar as possible for my “look in narrow.”  Meet our narrow contender Rylee.  Not only is Rylee a narrow silver pump, she’s $85.00 less than the Sway!  How great is that?

The Look in Wide vs. The Look in Narrow

charlesdavidswaySway vs. Rylee   jrenee rylee

How do you like our Look in Narrow?