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Jumping Jacks Girls Mary Janes in Narrow

Jumping Jacks Mary Janes are a must have narrow width shoe for your little girl. Available in Toddler, Little Girl and Big Girl Sizes, they are versatile for every day at school and can be dressed up for parties and special occasions. We’re big fans of Jumping Jacks Girls at thenarrowshoe.com because they’re well made and designed and great for our little ones’ narrow feet!

Narrow Feet Love Mary Janes!

When a girl’s got a narrow foot, Mary Janes can be her best friend! It’s all in the strap — straps are a must have to hold that narrow foot in place! We typically associate Mary Janes’ with little girls, with their traditional rounded toe box and very flat heel. Women’s Mary Janes have pointed toes, platforms and flat, low, medium, high and even sky-high heels varying from skinny stilettos to chunkier stacked heels. Yet, just like the Mary Janes you may have worn as a child, the grown up version has one or two straps across the middle of the top part of the foot.