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A Better Than Ever TheNarrowShoe.com For You!

Hi all,

We’re working on our new site to bring you a new and better store and a nice new clean website for you to navigate.

While we loved our other design, it didn’t support some of the new changes we are making and we needed to upgrade. Change is hard, but it can also be fun!

We are working diligently to get our new store and site up and running as soon as possible. In the meantime, don’t be surprised if you see some images that don’t make sense. They are place markers and will soon be filled with relevant narrow shoe content.We promise!

We are also hoping to be working with some new partners to give you even more great narrow shoes to chose from.

Thanks for your patience while we make these exciting changes to our site.


TheNarrowShoe.com Team

Welcome to TheNarrowShoe.com

Welcome to thenarrowshoe.comYou’ll find narrow shoes here for women, men, girls and boys. At TheNarrowShoe.com, we endeavor to help you find narrow shoes in our hard to find size that are typically no longer found in the brick-and-mortar stores. Our site came to be when our site owner had very difficult time finding shoes and sneakers prior to the start of the school year for her daughter, who was about to start the 4th Grade. Suddenly, her daughter was in a different size category — having gone from little girl sizing to big girl sizing and now, not only were some of the styles that had previously been available too babyish for this now almost 10 year old, the brands they’d relied on that were previously available in narrow were not made in narrow in the larger sizes. After an exhaustive and stressful search, it was at that point our site owner realized she and her daughter certainly couldn’t be alone in their difficulty finding narrow shoes in the brick and mortar stores and that’s when the idea for our site was born. Initially we started out specifically geared toward narrow shoes for women and girls, however, we recognized the need to help men and boys who wear narrow widths too, so we expanded to reach them, too. Coming from a long line of family members who struggle to find narrow shoes on both the maternal and paternal sides of her family, our site owner knows first hand how difficult and frustrating narrow shoe shopping can be. It is for that reason we search for the nicest narrow shoes that we can find to include in our database. We hope you enjoy shopping for narrow shoes on our site. We’ve partnered with the sites that we feel offer the best selection of narrows and put them here, all in one place for your convenience. If you’d like some help in your search, we’ll do the best we can to offer suggestions on specific shoes our partners sell. If our partners don’t have what you’re looking for, but we find it elsewhere, we’ll direct you there, even if we don’t earn commission on your sale, because we truly understand how difficult narrow shoe shopping can be. Please note that we may earn a small commission on the shoes you buy from our vendors when you click on links that are either in our database or in articles we write. If we review a pair of shoes we have purchased them at our expense. Should this change and we are offered products to review we will disclose that. We will only write about shoes and/or shoe products that we feel meet our high standards for proper comfort and fit and quality.

Riddle: How are a Best Friend, a Four-Leaf Clovers and Narrow Shoes Alike?

Riddle: How are a best friend, a four-leaf clover and narrow shoes alike? Answer: They’re all hard to find and we’re lucky to have them! There’s an old Irish saying “A best friend is like a four leaf clover: hard to find and lucky to have.” In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we’ve assembled our favorite narrow shoes for women and men that happen to be green! We’ve got five narrow width top favorites for women and 2 top narrow favorites for men. Sorry guys, there aren’t too many green shoes in men’s narrow!