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UPDATED: Nearly Narrow Shoe Options for Stylish Tweens & Teens

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I’m always on the look-out for (nearly) narrow shoes that I can offer as additional options for my stylish narrow shoe clients. Though they aren’t labeled narrow per se…may appeal to tweens, teens and women with small slender, narrow feet, who struggle to find designer shoes in their smaller hard to find size. Especially notable is the fact that the first line in the description of the shoes is…shoes tend to run slender.

The Narrow Shoe Review – Nearly Narrow Isaac Mizrahi Pump-The Narrow Shoe

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Why post about a nearly narrow Isaac Mizrahi Pump, when we’re called When we find a shoe that fits our narrow feet, we here at can’t wait to share the news. That’s why we had to post this review of this “could-be narrow” — what we call “nearly narrow” pointy-toe kitten heel Isaac Mizrahi Pump. My daughter and I couldn’t wait to try them on and unbelievably they fit our narrow AA feet and they were comfortable, too!