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Narrow Shoesday Tuesday-Vaneli for Jildor Xiomara Amaranto Suede

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Available in four colors, the Xiomara is available in a narrow width and it’s a “must-have” for fall and winter. Pair this classic silhouette with your fall and winter wardrobe….Comment below with your review. How many stars would you give it and why?

Slim Women’s Shoes! That’s all we want is slim narrow shoes!

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Slim women’s shoes! That’s all we want is slim narrow shoes! Slim or AAA , 3A, or Super Slim, AAAA or 4A shoes can be a challenge to find. So, we’ve decided to share with you two of our favorites that will quickly become favorites of yours! But we have more favorites too. So, after you’ve read about these, scroll down to the bottom of the post to learn were you can find even more of our favorites — with free shipping too!

Corals, Pinks, Patterns & Narrow Shoes

Corals, Pinks Patterns and pretty neutral narrow pumps!

From The Narrow Mail Box: Please help me find….

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From The Narrow Mailbox …How about those of us with 3A and 4A widths…black low-heeled pumps 8.5AAA…a customer in the UK wrote to us recently to ask for our help in finding high heeled shoes in her difficult to find narrow size 6AA. She is looking for “any high heeled shoes (2 1/2″ or higher), sandals and wedges, anything fashionable and comfortable.” Here are the shoes we selected for her…….